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With the 8 Colors MISS ROSE Blush Palette, you can bring some colour to your cheeks. The palette has eight lovely hues that are suitable for any occasion. In addition to readily worn and natural colours, the collection also includes vibrant hues that enhance the complexion’s radiant appearance and create a stunning impression.

8 Colors MISS ROSE Blush Palette Details

The pocket shape is ideal for keeping in a clutch or bag, where it may be used for any last-minute touch-ups during the day. These intensely pigmented, extremely buildable blushes are suitable for any mood or occasion. Every season has its own baked blush season. Featuring eight different hues to select from, the 8 Colors MISS ROSE Blush Palette provides you the perfect burst of cheeky colour for any skin tone.
Skin-warming blushes give your complexion a radiant glow that is both stunning and natural in appearance. To get a glam glow, shape, contour, and accent your most attractive features.

How to use 8 Colors MISS ROSE Blush Palette

Starting at the apple of your cheeks and softly swiping up and away with the brush, apply the concealer.

  • It is possible to get a natural or more rosy appearance with this buildable solution.
  • Excess blush can be applied around the hairlines, bridge of the nose, and chin to provide warmth and colour to the rest of the face.
  • For a more dramatic effect, swirl the colour in a circular motion over the cheeks, building up the intensity as needed.


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