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It’s your brows, your choice. A volumizing powder-to-cream texture that is buildable and smudge-resistant, Miss Rose 3 Color Eyebrow Powder gives you strong, full brows in three shades of pink. With the use of two-color eyebrow powder and monochrome eyebrow cream, you may create more dimensional brows that have a delicate power aspect to them.

Why Choose Miss Rose 3 Colors Eyebrow Powder

  • The palette contains two eye brow powders as well as one wax, which is useful for keeping brows in shape during the day.
  • Two distinct colours of brow powder are included.
  • One eyebrow cream can assist in keeping brows in good condition.
  • It provides a natural appearance and lasts all day.
  • The perfect finish, which makes the brows thicker and more full.
  • This eyebrow powder gives you bigger, more precisely formed brows in a matter of minutes.
  • Conceals and lasts throughout the day due to the texture’s powder-to-cream consistency
  • With this lightweight, sheer to medium powder coverage product, you can create the exact hue for your skin tone.
  • With the angled micro applicator brush, you can easily make sculpted brow arches, define forms, and conceal scars, gaps, sparse and bald areas on the face.

How To Use Miss Rose 3 Colors Eyebrow Powder

Fill in and lengthen your brows by using tiny, feather-like strokes to match the natural arch of your brows.


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