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What it is:

MISS ROSE Eyebrow Pen is a long lasting strong water resistant eyebrow pen that is so very easy to apply. 

Why You’ll Love It:

Naturally fill eyebrows with new multi-prong micro tip that creates hair-like strokes with ease, for wear up to 24 hours.

Does not transfer. Does not smudge.

MISS ROSE eyebrow pencils are waterproof, so they will stay in place and won’t fade, even if you get wet or sweaty. Your eyebrows will still be THICK and PERFECTLY SHAPED until you decide to remove the eyebrow pencil makeup.

 You can easy draw all kinds of perfect eyebrows with natural color and clear lines. 

How To Use:

Step 1.  Always apply the MISS ROSE Eyebrow Pen on clean eyebrows and use before applying other face makeup.

Step 2.  Angle the multi-prong tip up across the eyebrow and draw hair-like strokes from eyebrow anchor to tail using a small, slow motion. Repeat as desired for added intensity. 


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