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Its unique formula, which is bursting with special dazzling hues, makes Miss Rose 3D Shimmer Highlighter an excellent choice for producing noticeable facial highlights and complementing make-up by giving a precious effect shine to the skin. This bold vegan highlighter, which is available in four hues that compliment all skin tones, will put you right in the centre of attention.

Details Of Miss Rose 3D Shimmer Highlighter

  • With light-diffusing pigments, this product is ideal for brightening the cheekbones, eyes, brow bones, inner corners, and lips.
  • Oil-free, long-lasting highlighter component that is also water-resistant and smudge-proof ensures a comfortable usage experience.
  • Dimensions That Are Transportable
  • The texture is really smooth and delicate.

How to Use Miss Rose 3D Shimmer Highlighter

  • Applying the highlighter to the following areas on the face will create light plays and bring attention to important spots on the face:
  • The cheekbones to draw attention to the cheeks;
  • For brighter eyes, use mascara over the whole length of the brow arch to define and accentuate its form.
  • Using a brush, apply the product directly to the places where it is needed.

Color Disclaimer: Due to the nature of photography lighting, the colours of the genuine product may differ slightly from those seen in the photograph.


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