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What it is:

Keep your glamour locked down for longer with Miss Rose Glitter Glue Eye Waterproof Long Lasting. Designed to adhere glitter, shimmer or metallic shadows to the lids and brighten their reflective quality. This colorless, lightweight formula provides comfortable wearability while also preventing fallout of loose makeup.


Why You’ll Love It:

– Miss Rose Glitter Glue has a strong stickiness and can be used to stick sequins to skins with a little bit of it.

– Used for applying glitter and glitter stars to the face and body.

– This can also be used around the eyes.

– Not susceptible to allergies, can be easily removed with makeup remover.

– Small size, easy to carry and use.


How To Use:

Use as a base on lids before shadow application or over the top of shadows to secure glitter.


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