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What it is: 

MISS ROSE Long Wear Gel Eyeliner enhances plenty of color and glamour to your eyes. This long lasting multi tasking Eyeliner gives you 2 in 1 benefits of an Eyeliner & Kajal .It helps you to achieve the mysterious smokey eyed look. The intense color and  matte texture add definition and drama to your eyes.

What it does:

Matte black stick is perfect to create smoky eyes makeup, also for creating low-key eyes makeup for people who is a bit of shy or living a no high-profile life.

  • Soft and mild texture, it is easy to get precision line and will show your characteristic eyes very well.
  • Long-lasting wear, non-smudge, non-flake and looks more natural than liquid eyeliner.
  • Compact and mini, easy to carry.
  • Great beauty tool for making your own eyeliner style.
  • No irritation to your eye skin, safe and assured to use.


How to Use:

Precision Look:
Line your lash line from inner to outer corner.
Point the conical sponge tip towards the end of your brow, then line back towards your outer corner of the eye for a smoldering cat-eye finish.

Smoky Look:
Line your lash line from inner to outer corner for powder precision.
Smoke it out by gently blotting conical sponge tip along initial line to create a trendy lived-in, smoky effect.


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