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Using MISS ROSE Under Eye Pencil, you may enhance the appearance of under-eye lines and give radiance and mystery to your face without irritating your delicate eyes.

Using an Under Eye Pencil Has Many Benefits

Paints that are beautiful and sparkling and that stay on all day brighten and accentuate the eyes! The MISS ROSE Under Eye Pencil brightens and defines the eyes with the help of glossy eye-lightening pigments. Set your eyes with a waterproof eye pencil that lasts for hours and is smudge-proof and smudge-proof.

Miss Rose Under Eye Pencil: How to Apply It

Avoid poking your eyeball with the pencil by holding it at an angle to your waterline (ouch! ). From the outside corner of your eye to the inner corner of your eye, using a gentle brush, fill in any gaps that may have appeared along the way right above your lash line. The finished product should be a crisp line with a hint of shade.

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