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MISS ROSE Zero Pore Primer is a refreshing gel texture that helps the skin to breathe freely. It is dermatologist tested and approved.
When applied to the skin, it makes it smooth and delicate while concealing pores and regulating the smooth feeling. Besides protecting the face from external makeup and damage, it also absorbs fat-containing oil control powder to minimise fine lines and maintain fine & protects the skin from external make-up and harm invisibility It makes it simple to repair makeup and has a long lasting laser.

MISS ROSE Zero Pore Primer Features:

  • It is Oil-free.
  • It is a good source of nutrition for your skin.
  • MISS ROSE Zero Pore Primer is a water-resistant formula.
  • It also has moisturising and long-lasting properties.


How to Use Miss Rose Zero Pore Primer

1. Use the proper amount of the emulsion on the skin.

2. To remove the emulsion, use the fingers of both hands to wipe it out from the inside. The end of each eye, nose and other features of the location may be repeatedly pushed to the skin, resulting in a smooth and consistent complexion.

3. The remaining fingers gently coated latex face in the eye, allowing for a more gentle application of the eye makeup.



Type: Makeup Primer

  • Brand Name: MISS ROSE
  • Model Number: 7701-024M
  • Size: Full Size
  • Ingredient: Mixed
  • Certification: WZTZ
  • Quantity: 1piece
  • Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant


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